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How do you maintain a pressure cooker?

pressure cooker is an incredibly useful kitchen tool. Ideal to steam, cook or stew with. Not only the rapid speed is great, also the low use of energy is wonderful. It is, however, very important to maintain it properly. Fortunately, we are here to tell you how!

Make sure the pan is clean

Yes, it might be incredibly obvious but here it is: properly cleaning your pan is very important. When dirt accumulates it will get stuck inside and in the long run this dirt will become impossible to remove. We have a couple of tips on how to clean stainless steel pans. The better you clean your pan after you have used it, the less time it will take in the long run. In addition, you will make sure that fragrances and flavours are not left behind in the pan.

Make sure that you also clean the inside of the lid. Remove the sealing ring and clean the pressure regulator. In addition, remove the handle of the pan after using it ten times. You should, however, use the manual to do so, because the steps you need to take to remove the handle might differ per pressure cooker.

Check the sealing ring and replace it in time

To create a water and airtight seal the lid of the pressure cooker has been enhanced with a rubber ring. This ring seals the gap between the edge of the pan and the inside of the lid. Every time you clean your pan you should check to see whether the ring is still intact. Check it for tears and any signs of damages. Not happy with how it looks? Replace it! Otherwise you might be boiling your pot dry.

Replace the rubber ring each year to be safe. As such you make sure you will always be in time!

Check, before you purchase a new ring, to see if you have chosen the right one. Sometimes there could be slight differences in the diameter or compatibility per collection. For this reason always check the manual to make sure you purchase the right ring.