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New ESEE Knives in 2020 with the Xancudo and 3D scales

In 2020 ESEE will introduce a number of cool additions to the line-up. Take, for instance, the Xancudo: a new fixed knife with a well-known shape. And the existing ESEE models are made available with 3D scales. Meet the newest ESEE products for 2020.

ESEE Xancudo: new, but still familiar

'ESEE Xancudo, didn't it already exist?' That was our first response. Until we read it again. Xancudo. Not Zancudo. It turns out to be a fixed version of the popular ESEE pocket knife: the Zancudo.

The shapes of the blade and the handle are the same. And why not? The Zancudo has been a hit for many years. The ergonomics and the way the finger groove at the front of the handle neatly keeps your hand in place also work perfectly on a fixed knife.

The remarkable thing, however, is that ESEE also introduces the Xancudo as a knife with a 'Holey' handle. This version has a large oval hole in the handle. Great when you prefer to hang it from a carabiner when climbing, hiking or kayaking. A much safer way than a carabiner through a sheath: the knife could namely come loose. A clever solution!

ESEE Knives with 3D scales

Another welcome new addition are the 3D scales. The ESEE 3 up to 6 were all enhanced with relatively flat scales. Nice and solid, and easy to feel how you are holding the knife exactly. The community, however, was looking for 3D scales, and it is exactly what they got! ESEE introduces these models with cool 3D-shaped scales.

They used different colour of G10, but also canvas micarta. We had already seen multiple micarta options from the Camp-Lore collection. Even with 3D-like outlines. But not as ergonomic as the ones ESEE introduces now. We even spotted the famous Coke bottle shape. An incredibly ergonomic type of handle.


Originally ESEE is known for using 1095 carbon steel. Simple and good. Easy to sharpen and incredibly tough. There were, however, always people looking for a 'high-end' option. ESEE listened. This year they namely introduce knives made from CPM S35VN steel. An American premium type of steel that is known for its sharpness-retention, corrosion resistance and relative toughness. Initially this premium option will be available for the ESEE Model 3, and the new ESEE Xancudo is also made from CPM S35VN.


These new additions are all great! ESEE once again proves that they carefully listen to what their clients are looking for. Without ever losing sight of what ESEE stands for. All knives are designed and made to be used. We expect the models early 2020. You will find them in between the other ESEE Knives.